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    The officers of the First Washington posed together for a portrait. Photo was probably taken in San Francisco, where the regiment was stationed before going to the Philippines.

    The men are identified from left as: Back row: 1st Lieutenant W. L. Lemon, Field and Staff Officer; 1st Lieutenant George Lamping of Seattle, Company G; 1st Lieutenant William I. Hinckley of Spokane, Company A; Captain Elmer M. Brown, Assistant Surgeon, Field and Staff Officer; Lieutenant Mass; 1st Lieutenant Fred T. Briggs, Field and Staff Officer; and Lieutenant Erwin. Front row: 1st Lieutenant Henry E Egel, Company D; Captain Marshall S. Scudder, Company E; Captain Fortson; Major John J. Weisenburger, Surgeon, Field and Staff Officer; Captain Albert G. Otis, Company A; and Captain Matthew H. Gromley, Company B.
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